Course Code: MEC-006

Assignment Code: MEC-006/AST/2020-21

Maximum Marks: 100

Note: Answer all the questions. While questions in Section A carry 20 marks each (to be answered in about 500 words each) those in Section B carry 12 marks each (to be answered in about 300 words each). In the case of numerical questions word limits do not apply. MEC-006 Solved Assignment 2020-21


Section A

1) What is the basic idea behind the “Pure Theory of Public Expenditure’: Discuss briefly. Also, what is the theoretical rationale behind Lindahl Pricing?

2) State the ideal conditions for meeting the ‘socially optimum criteria’ for utility pricing. Also, critically discuss the utility pricing rules for ‘best solutions’.

Section B

3) Using different tax rates demonstrate how the deadweight loss could be minimised?

4) On what ground did the classical economists oppose public debt? What counterview is proposed by the modern economists in their view on public debt?

5) What is a Social Welfare Function? Explain this concept with the help of the SamuelsonBengson’s Social Welfare Indifference Curves.

6) Discuss the Bowen and Black’s models for the identification of ‘Median Voter Preference’.

7) State the main problems in international policy coordination. Suggest methods on how they can be solved?

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